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  • Tuition for practical and theory*
  • (if applicable)
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Bed and Breakfast

*Includes Practical Test Fee
*(Subject to reaching the required
standard of the Driving Standard Agency)

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Driving Theory Test

Omega's Theory Driver Training Centres are located within the confines of your appointed hotel.

We have fully equipped driver training facilities designed to assist you in your training, including:
computer equipment and video to study and practice for the theory test.
Omega Driving Courses will cover all aspects of  road safety, hazard perception, road awareness, road & traffic signs, road markings & traffic legislation.

Everybody dreads it, over 1.6 million of us a year to be exact and with an average of 43% pass rate, over half fail it. The theory driving test introduced in 1996 is an obstacle most drivers want to miss. In order to apply for practical test you have to first pass your theory driving test. The theory test is now split into two parts; the multiple - choice test and the hazard perception test.

Ok Driving School provides a learning and support network for their students, allowing access to all the required learning aids, as well as in depth tutorials to make sure you pass your theory driving test with ease. We are the theory test specialists. Our pass rate is 98% this is not a claim we make lightly, we stand alone in this area no other driving course can match our level of support or indeed our success. Many other courses offer theory training but we urge you to quiz then on what exactly they offer.

With the modern influx of tablet technology. Our instructors are equipped in car with the latest theory applications on portable devices.

The Tutors are highly qualified and experienced Approved Driving Instructors who have undertaken further training skills of classroom and group tutoring and are on the register of the National Directory of Tutors, with tutoring in all aspects of Road Safety, hazard perception, road and traffic signs, markings and Traffic legislation.

You can work in groups, using our study resources and discuss your days training, have tutorials with the Tutor or study using our comprehensive learning materials.

You can sit as many practice tests as you wish on our computers and study the various DVD's & CD Rom's of theoretical knowledge and hazard perception.

We endeavour to meet individual learning needs and abilities and those pupils with learning difficulties and special needs

We are the very committed to maintaining our 98% pass rate in this field.

We cater for all groups of people in the theory training center ie. Learning difficulties, dyslexia, language difficulties etc.

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